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Members of the Boys' Basketball Program

in the

Westford Academy Athletic Hall of Fame

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Names in order of Induction:

(most recent at the top)

Mark Ericson, Class of 1986, Football, Basketball, Track

T.J. Jann, Class of 2010, Basketball, Baseball

Matt Ellis, Class of 2012, Basketball

Mark Cornelius, Class of 2011, Basketball, Baseball, Football

Peter Lynch, Class of 2009, Basketball, Baseball


Paul Sullivan, Class of 1990, Football, Basketball, Baseball


1928-1929 Basketball Team: 26-4

Head Coach: Dr. Clifford J. Phelps

Players: Big John "Pat" P'Connell, Victor Denisevich, Herbert Hunt, John Barretto, Constantine "Coffee" Sudak, Alan Bell, Gilbert Payne, Harold Wright, and Harold O'Connell.

Team Manager: Richard Tuttle


Coach Ed Scollan: Basketball


Kurt Andjus: Class of 1999, Basketball, Soccer


Carl Anderson: Class of 1954, Football, Basketball, Baseball


Christopher Bradley: Class of 1974, Football, Basketball, Baseball


Bruce Cobleigh: Class of 1970, Football, Basketball, Track and Field


Coach Bill Cody: Ice Hockey, Baseball, Basketball


Chris Coffin: Class of 1968, Basketball, Track and Field


Ben Coffin: Class of 2000, Soccer and Basketball


Peter Dunigan: Class of 1955, Football, Basketball, Baseball


Bob Eliasen: Class of 1965, Basketball, Track and Field


Zach Ellis: Class of 2002, Basketball


Jonathan Hellstedt: Class of 1989, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis


Coach John Morris: Football, Wrestling, Basketball, Track and Field


Brian Mulligan: Class of 1957, Football, Basketball, Baseball


David Pessotti: Class of 1994, Football, Basketball, Baseball


Greg Peterson: Class of 1963, Football, Basketball, Baseball


Ernie Smith: Class of 1964, Football, Basketball, Baseball


Harry Smith: Class of 1938, Basketball and Baseball


Robert Walker: Class of 1950, Football, Basketball, Baseball


1967-1968 Basketball Team: Class D State Champs

Head Coach: Tom Gallagher

Assistant Coaches: Pete Gaudet and Bill Cody

Players: Chris Coffin, Dave Ryan, Jim Caffelle, Bob Checchi, Ray Connell, Billy Law, Brian Healy, Bruce Cobleigh, Frank Gower, Kent Forty, Emerson Green, John Sullivan.

Team Managers: Carl Herrmann and Arthur Doucette


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